Zařijové setkání Czech Java User Group proběhne 30.9. od 18:30 tentokrát na půdě firmy Sun (kudy a kam). Čekají nás dvě prezentace v angličtině na téma Gradle - A Better Way To Build (Hans Dockter) a Extending Language And Developing DSLs with JetBrains MPS, an open source language workbench (Konstantin Solomatov). Sponzorem setkání, který poskytne občerstvení je firma JetBrains. Pokud se chystáte přijít dejte nám vědět formou hlasování v anketě na hlavní strance portálu

Title: Gradle - A Better Way To Build

Speaker: Hans Dockter

Gradle combines the flexibility of Ant with a build-by-convention approach a la Maven. But both implemented in a more powerful and less restrictive way. In this presentation you will learn about Gradle's rich domain model which provides a true build language. Thus offering the abstractions missing with Ant, without the restrictions and obstacles of a rigid framework. Gradle has a particular focus on enterprise builds. One aspect of this is are many optimization strategies for building fast and yet reliable.

This talk will be mostly driven by examples. We introduce Gradle with a simple hello world build and then work with a plain Java and a Java Web project. From there we go to a more complex multi-project build. During those live demos we will discuss major Gradle features, like:

  • Dependency Management
  • A Rich API that allows you to interact with the tasks and to orchestrate them.
  • A Deep API that allows you to hook into and define custom rules for all aspects of the build.
  • Deep integration of existing Ant build scripts.
  • Smart execution model (e.g. smart skipping and full access to the execution plan).
  • Powerful support for multiproject builds.
Extending Language And Developing DSLs with JetBrains MPS, an open source language workbench

Developers in different fields have always wanted to add constructs from their field to a general purpose language in which they program. Doing so directly requires a lot of effort, and combining such extensions is often impossible. JetBrains MPS, an open source language development environment, solves this problem. It enables many language extensions: collections language, dates language, regular expressions language, and closures language. JetBrains MPS not only allows you to extend a language, but also provides IDE services: editor, completion, error highlighting, etc. In addition to extending languages, JetBrains MPS allows you to create domain-specific languages tailored to specific fields. We will create a simple extension of a language (Java) during this talk.

Kudy do Sunu

Adresa V Parku 8, Praha 4, Chodov, metro Chodov. Dál jít k administrativnímu komplexu, velké logo SUN je vidět uz z dálky. Druhá budova, stejný vchod jako WorldClass fitness. Loc: 50°1'42.583"N, 14°29'35.41"E mapa.