A case against polyglot programming

Roman Pichlík

We have been doing polyglot programming at GoodData even before Micro services get traction and honestly it was probably one of the biggest mistake we ever did. At the beginning (2008) our platform was simple LAMP stack with REST interface and bunch of JavaScript. We have been adding more and more languages as we followed a golden rule use right tool for right job. We add Erlang because what language to use for a distributed system. We add C++ because what language to use for fine tuned computations. Since 2008 our stack was getting bigger and bigger - Perl, Java, JavaScript, Erlang, C++, Python, Ruby. In such heterogenous environment was critical to encapsulate every service/component with an API in order to keep interoperability. All our services expose a REST API so programming language is an implementation detail of them. Someone could appreciate such diversity, but from my 5 year experience it’s a nightmare.

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