Czech JBoss User Group Vás srdečně zve na setkání JBUG, které se koná ve středu 4. prosince 2013 v prostorách Fakulty Informatiky Masarykovy Univerzity v místnosti B517 od 18:00.


Presenter: Lukáš Fryč  (@lfryc)



As recent developments inclines to thin server architecture with self-contained app clients there is an elevated demand for appropriate data-oriented approach to designing applications.

Java EE 7 brings a lot of news which fulfills this picture:

  • Java API for RESTful Services
  • Java API for WebSocket
  • Java API for JSON Processing


Lukáš will describe what are newcomers in Java EE 7 and demonstrate their usage on samples. He will also share the most effective way how to find more samples and as a bonus, he will code a small application based on just standard Java EE and web technologies.