Pozor, změna prostor!

 Czech JBoss User Group Vás srdečně zve na setkání JBUG, které se koná ve středu 15. ledna 2014 v prostorách Fakulty Informatiky Masarykovy Univerzity v místnosti D3 od 18:00.



Undertow: High performance NIO in practice

Presenter: Stuart Douglas

This talk covers the Undertow web server (the new web server in Wildfly), what is it, and why should you care. After a brief introduction to Undertow and its architecture this talk will cover some of the features of Undertow and explain how they are used in Wildfly, and how you can use them to write high performance applications.


RHQ - open source system management

Presenter: Heiko Rupp

The system management and monitoring framework RHQ http://jboss.org/rhq/ is the open source upstream for JBoss Operations Network. As such it includes the possibility to take metrics from managed resources, alert on them, provision new resources, run operations on the managed resources and so on.

This talk will give an overview over RHQ and its architecture and show some features and also talk a bit about the future of RHQ.