Lednové setkání Pražské Czech Java User Group proběhne 28.1. od 19h v posluchárně S5 na Matematicko-fyzikální fakultě Karlovy Univerzity na Malostranském náměstí 25, Praha 1. Čeká nás prezentace Pavla Lahody na téma Android Burning Questions. Vstup na akce CZJUGu je zdarma, a není třeba se předem registrovat. Pokud se chystáte přijít, dejte nám vědět formou hlasování v anketě na hlavní stránce portálu java.cz.

Android Burning Questions

The pivotal point of this presentation is how to code on Android in effective way. If you love programming in Java and have concerns that this language is somewhat second-class citizen to XML on Android platform, this talk is right for you. We will have a look if there are any medicaments to remedy the chevronitis disease. Presentation will cover problematic areas such as disparity that Java is built around object-oriented principles while the rest of the Android is not and how to deal with rough edges that come from this. Another important aspect covered is how to stay "legal" and not fight the system. While some of the techniques presented won't be exactly what creators of Android had in mind, the focus is to behave correctly, be reusable and extensible and how to make best of the techniques Java gives us to cope with whatever shortcomings Android might have. Presentation is based around actual, legitimate examples that might plague developer's everyday life, and the takeaway is how to cope with them in elegant, effective way to deliver better Android applications.