Salim Badakhchani (RedHat) - Kojak, at 7PM on 3rd of December 2013, restaurace U Drevaka, Brno:

Release and Configuration Management (sometimes referred to as DevOps)
is recognised as the force multiplier in the enterprise. The ability to
deliver and reproduce quality builds quickly, in a transparent and
accountable way, is at the heart of the software industry. In this talk
we will demonstrate the tools used in Red Hat to meet this challenge and
introduce you to Kojak, a virtual appliance that consolidates this tool
chain on a single platform, which provides you with everything you need
to build packages for RHEL and JBoss.

* Introduction to RCM for RHEL and Middleware at Red Hat
* Description of the current tool chain
* Demonstration of Kojak (Installation and Configuration)
* Example package build for RHEL (RPM) and JBoss (JAR)
* Brief discussion covering dependency resolution, build
verification and associated meta-data