We will introduce Spring Data Neo4j (SDN) together with the underlying Neo4j Object Graph Mapper library (OGM). The talk will cover how SDN fits into your application architecture, basics of development with OGM/SDN and latest features in recently released version 5 of the framework. Live coding session at the end will give you hands-on experience with the framework.

Neo4j Object Graph Mapper

For Java developers that require a simple mechanism to manage their domain objects with Neo4j, this guide introduces the Neo4j Object Graph Mapping (OGM) library. This is the same library that powers Spring Data Neo4j but can also be used independently of Spring as well.

Spring Data Neo4j

Spring Data Neo4j offers advanced features to map annotated entity classes to the Neo4j Graph Database. The template programming model is equivalent to other Spring templates and builds the basis for interaction with the graph and is also used for the Spring Data repository support. Spring Data Neo4j is core part of the Spring Data project which aims to provide convenient data access for NoSQL databases.

About the Speaker

František is a senior consultant at GraphAware and a long time user of Neo4j and SDN.
He is a member of OGM/SDN development team and did a significant part of the work on the latest release on SDN 5. He applies clean code and tdd principles wherever he thinks it is reasonable.
In his personal life he is an outdoor enthusiast and recently finished 1000 km walk in northern Spain.

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