Title: Hacking Java on the Raspberry Pi

With new low cost devices entering the market, access to the world of embedded computing is become more cost affordable. And, with continued advances in Java, developers can easily begin creating innovative applications that leverage these low cost devices. One extremely popular device developers can access is the Raspberry Pi. With an acquisition cost around $35, this credit-card sized computer offers developers a springboard to quickly dive into the embedded world of programming. The Raspberry Pi includes an ARM chip that is powerful enough to run a full version of Java SE including JavaFX.

In this tutorial, you get a chance to see Java and JavaFX technologies running on a very accessible embedded platform, as well as learn tips and tricks on how to easily get up and running on the Raspberry Pi.


Date: Monday, May 20th

Time: 5 pm

Place: Botanická 68a, Brno,

Fakulta Informatiky, room D3

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Free entrance

See you there!